3 Things You Can Learn On Girls From 50 Shades Of Grey



Fifty Shades of Grey

I know what you’re thinking: what could I ever learn from 50 shades of grey, basically a girlish novel? Well, as I always say, pickup is a selling process. You’re selling the product (yourself) to your clients (women) and the first rule in marketing is to know how your customers think and what they want.

You need to study girls’ psychology in order to become what they need. There is a really interesting book that I suggest you buy and it’s called My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies by Nancy Friday.

The author basically collected a series of emails she got from women expressing their deepest fantasies, and it gives you a plain idea of how much women love sex, I could say even more than us.

Back to 50 shades of grey, you need to acknowledge the fact that it became a literary success first, and a blockbuster later, and there’s a reason for that.
It’s basically because E. L. James wrote what women could describe as the perfect romantic dream, a charming man who can satisfy their hidden dreams in bed.

I watched both movies and I want to share with you 3 things you can definitely learn from the film.

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1) You don’t need to be a clown to seduce

Many of my students are concerned with the fact that they should have a great sense of humor to attract the girls of their dream, and they usually ask me how they can make a girl laugh.

It’s understandable. When you ask any woman on this planet what they look for in a man, 99% of them say “I want a man who can make me laugh”

What they actually mean with that, and not even they realize it, is that they want a man who can make them feel at ease.
When you’re having a good time, you feel relaxed and that’s what they want. If you make them nervous, they’ll leave faster than a bullet in the air.

Emotions are contagious, and if you’re relaxed when you’re with them, they’ll feel relaxed as well.
That’s what counts.

If you watch the movie, you’ll never see Christian Grey crack a joke. Actually, his sister makes fun of him for not having a sense of humor.
But anyway all girls love him. Why do you think this happens? Cause he’s hot? Because he’s rich? Cause he’s a pervert?

Wrong. The reason is cause Christian Grey is an extremely confident man, he believes in himself and he always gets what he wants. That’s what makes girls wet.

You can be the most serious man on earth, but if you’re confident, you’ll be a damn magnet.

2) A woman will always forgive you for what you are

We’re constantly worried to be our best selves, to show the best part of us and in some cases to pretend to be someone we’re not.
All this cause we think she won’t like who we really are.

Pretending is a constant pattern in dating, and I’m sure you’ve done it more than once.

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Well, let me make this clear to you: the more you lie about yourself, the less girls will feel attracted to you.
Women have a sixth sense for bullshit, and unless you’re a great actor, she’ll feel there is something wrong with you. Maybe she won’t realize you’re pretending, but there will be this sting at the back of her neck that makes her think “there is something wrong here…”

You need to learn that honesty is a great value, especially in pickup, and you shouldn’t be concerned about the fact that she won’t like your real you.

Being honest is one of the most difficult things to do, mostly cause we trained years and years in the opposite ability.
Now you need to break this chain and start instead saying the truth, even if sometimes is inconvenient.

If you don’t like something she said, just tell her. If you have an embarrassing thought, don’t hide it.

She will always forgive you for being honest. What she won’t forgive is you acting like a pussy cause you’re too scared of her reaction.

3) Fantasies are more important than physical sex

You may think that what makes girls horny in 50 shades of grey is the collection of borderline practices the two main characters do or the long list of sex toys.

Nothing more wrong. The exciting part is the dominant part the man has and his passion towards the girl. All the rest is a plus.

Women love romantic novels cause it turns on their real G-spot: their brain.

Every time a girl starts to fantasize about a man, it means that game’s on.

We’re totally different from women in bed. We need to see and touch, these are our two most important triggers. For women instead, the mechanical part is secondary.
A woman wants you to be dominant, then to be submissive. It’s a game like the one we used to play when we were kids. The more situations you create in your relationship, the more ways she has to get aroused and reach the orgasm.

Size or how long your performance lasts aren’t crucial. It’s instead about how many scenarios, and how many emotions you make her go through.

That’s why girls love so much to have sex in places where they shouldn’t. Or they dream about a stranger who suddenly takes them.

Read the book I suggested you above, and you’ll find out that your perversions are at the end so ordinary.

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