3 weapons to fight the Pain Period



In the this article I talked about pain period. Today I’d like to discuss the 3 main aspects to reduce its duration.

Briefly, the time you struggle to learn a new skill is called pain period.
Knowing that it exists is already a big thing for a beginner. But you can work on 3 different factors to reduce the time it will last.
Here they are:

1. Start now!

How many times we used the excuse “I’ll start tomorrow” to postpone something?
This sentence is one of the worst enemy of players, especially young ones. It’s not a case that people start to take pickup seriously in their 30s or 40s, when they feel the burden of time passing.

The more you wait, the more the pain period will last. The only way to initiate the countdown is to start as soon as you can.
Pick a day, fix it on your calendar, and force yourself to respect that deadline.

Don’t you trust yourself? Tell your intentions to a friend! Have somebody else knowing what you’re up to, puts you in a corner and push you to action.


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2. Reduce the gaps

Pickup is like a muscle. Imagine going to the gym, train really hard and then train again 10 days later. What would be the result? You start back from square 1, like you never trained before.
That’s why you should go to the gym at least 3 times per week, reducing the pauses between a session and the other.

Pickup works in the same way. You get good just doing it consistently, reducing the time between an approach and the next one.
After you have finished speaking with a girl, you should approach as soon as you can, not more than 20 minutes later! Same story for the days you spend in a week doing pickup. You should ideally spend at least 5 days a week on the field, but you can start with smaller goals, like 3 days per week.

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Reducing gaps is vital in this game. The more you wait to make the next approach, the more your pain period gets stronger.

3. Face challenges

A mistake I heard tons of times, is to go out without a precise purpose. And when I say precise, I mean PRECISE!

Let’s take the usual example of learning to play guitar. Your goal can’t be “I want to learn how to play ‘Hey Jude’”.
You have to learn where are the notes on the guitar’s neck, how to do chords, how to get rhythm for your songs, get faster moving through chords…

Plan your steps in pickup, the more they’re smaller, the easier it is to achieve them.
If you’re a beginner, you can start asking for directions, than giving compliments, and so on… Once you’re comfortable with a step, you can move to a different one.

To get good in my early times, I decided to take a big challenge: “2 approaches a day, for 30 days in a row”. I realised that it was to extreme for a newbie, but that challenge made me grow so much.

Never stop to challenge yourself. You have to be your own Sergeant Hartman!

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