The 4 wrong assumptions that keep you away from the girls of your dreams




I guess you’re pretty familiar with the concept of limiting beliefs: they’re all the stupid excuses that prevent you from approaching an attractive girl and get rejected.

We all have an ego that protects us 24/7 from taking any reckless choice that can end up striking the weaker part of ourselves.
No one wants to be criticized, and even more no one wants to be rejected by a hot girl that we want so badly.

It’s a punch in the face, a bucket of frozen water that reminds us that we’re not the men we’d like to be. We’re still unworthy of girls like her.

I had the idea of this post from the book “The easy way to stop smoking” from Allen Carr.
To make someone stop smoking, we usually list all the bad consequences he’ll have if he keeps putting cigarettes in his mouths. Well, this approached never worked for me.

Allen Carr in his book uses a different approach: he lists all the possible reasons why we’re smoking (we all smoke for a reason) and he explains why these assumptions are completely false.


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Well, this method worked for me and it made me stop smoking.

I’m gonna use the same method here and note the 4 most popular beliefs why we don’t take action and explain why they’re totally wrong.

1) She’s really hot. She must have guys all over her!

You presume that her life is so easy cause she’s hot. She’s probably dating D&G models, 6 inches taller than you and with 6 figures in their bank account. Her standards are so high that you can’t fit the target.

The truth is generally far from it. For sure there are fashion girls who date just manikins, but the majority of them have boring dating lives, even if everyone wants to sleep with them.
And if they’re really hot, it’s highly likely that guys are afraid to approach themin social situations and therefore they paradoxically have a less exciting dating life than their uglier girlfriends.

That’s why girls like that decide to have long relationships instead of jumping from a flower to the other.

Personally, all the most attractive girls I know are pretty lonely and they’re constantly looking for people who are confident in front of them, guys who are not afraid of their appearance.

2) If she’s so hot, she’s probably crazy/shallow/boring

She’s beautiful. This means that this is the only quality she has and all the rest is a mess. She has to be shallow, without any sense of humor and only interested in money.

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If you follow this logic it means that all the ugly girls are funny, charming and interesting. I don’t know you but I know a lot of ugly assholes!

Never judge a book by its cover. Give a chance to people and they can surprise you.

3) I have to do everything correctly to impress her

As I said in the 1st point, hot girls look for guys who are not afraid of their beauty. You don’t need to do anything to impress her, just stay relaxed while you’re talking with her as you would do with a friend.

If you follow me, you already know that I consider 90% of the things you can find online about pickup, complete bullshit.
I don’t believe in a step-by-step strategy to seduce women like comfort-escalation-seduction-whatever.

I’m pretty convinced that seduction doesn’t have a structure but all you need to know are a few basic rules that work every single time.
If you work on developing your confidence every day, and you become truly interested in the person you have in front instead of finding a way to sleep with her, you’re already two steps ahead of the majority of guys.

And plus you don’t have to impress anyone in this world if you’re an honest and positive person.
To say the truth, the more you try to impress a girl, the less she likes you.

4) She doesn’t want to be bother

This is the most stupid of the four. Girls grow up with this romantic idea of flirting, the one you can see in Hollywood movies.

Their romantic fantasy implies a fortuitous encounter with her white knight who is finally different from all the drunken fools who spit compliments in a club.
They want a man who can truly appreciate her beauty, who can find her  irresistible and make her feel like a princess (and not an easy girl).

That’s what we never get, the fact that honesty is the best tool we have to attract the girls we want. When you’re not honest you can either praise her non-stop falling in the friend zone, or pretend to be a better version of yourself falling into oblivion.

And honesty means to acknowledge your limiting beliefs, recognize them as weaknesses, and overcome them.
That’s the only way to become the man she’s looking for.


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