5 Advices To Put Your Dating Life On Tracks




Nowadays we are overcrowded with online services to find partners like Tinder, Happn, but also Dating Websites and Speed Date Events. They give us the illusion that dating someone is easy like going to the supermarket, but this is actually a big lie. Competition for men is totally crazy cause girls are swamped by requests and messages. What do you think you can offer more than a thousand other competitors?

It’s definitely time to get back to a more natural and spontaneous way to date.
In my job, I daily hear complains about how difficult it is to find a match, a person who we really like and who exchanges our interest. It looks like dating became a complicate matter, accessible just for a handful of lucky people.

We forgot that dating is the most normal and enjoyable thing ever, cause it’s part of our nature. We’ve born to find a partner and procreate, so why is it so damn difficult?

The cause is called “performance anxiety” and if you’re guessing, no, it doesn’t relate just to sex. We think we have to do the impossible to impress the other person, and we don’t realise the simple fact that the everyone else has our same fears and insecurities.

We’re all human beings, with our flaws and weaknesses, and it’s totally nonsense to think that we have to be perfect to attract someone. Everyone is looking for love.


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So I listed 5 things that you have to relearn to put your dating life back on tracks. These aren’t rocket science but just 5 good habits that we lost somehow and we need to get back.

1. Be real

Stop thinking about what to say after to impress the person in front of you. Every time you’re looking for the best line, you’re turning seduction down. Say instead whatever comes to your mind, even if it sounds inconvenient. Charismatic people don’t analyse every single thought before transforming it in words or actions.
Censoring yourself from “not saying or doing something wrong” will just make you forgettable.

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2. Be impulsive

Do you remember the last time you saw that cute girl in the underground but you didn’t approach cause society’s rules tell is not acceptable? Well, you made a mistake.
Daily ordinary situations are the best ones to meet someone, better than spending money for drinks and shout in someone’s ear because of the loud music.
When did we stop to be impulsive?

3. Take risks

Hiding our intentions is never a good choice. If you like someone, say it. It’s better to be clear from the beginning and take the risk to be rejected, than discover years later that there could have been something between you, but no one took action.
Regrets are the worst things ever, so stop collecting them.

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4. Get an interesting life

If your life is all about working and get rest in the weekend, do you think you would date yourself? Go find instead hobbies that you enjoy, get out of your house as much as you can, meet new people… No one wants to hang out with a boring person so constantly force yourself to get out of your comfort zone, even if it looks hard sometimes.

5. Love yourself

Your body is a temple, remember that? Start treating it like it deserves. Eat healthier, do exercises, invest money on clothes that fit you well…
Feeling good and looking good is not just to attract a partner, but it’s mostly to get more positive and confident.

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