5 Effective Ways to Approach a Girl in a Club



5 Effective Ways to Approach a Girl in a Club

Before we get into these techniques, I’d like to underline that at the end of the day it’s really all about how you do it. When you approach her, she’s focused on everything but what you say. She’s paying attention on your body language, your confidence and how you say those words.

If you have a good vibe, you can make all the mistakes you want, she will get along with you anyway. She’s looking for a confident, charming and funny guy to pass an enjoyable night, the rest (look, wealth…) are just a plus.

So if you can get past your nerves, and take flirting in clubs as a game (If she says no, who cares?!), here’s 5 effective ways to approach a girl at a bar/club.

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1. Use the a cocktail excuse

When you head up to the bar, why should you choose to stay among guys full of testosterone!?
Spot instead a hot girl and position yourself close by. Then take a quick look to her cocktail and ask her if she likes it or not, talking over your shoulder. Do not face her, you still don’t know if she deserve your attention. You just want an advice on which drink to order, that’s all.
If she’s friendly, then you can keep the conversation going on while you wait for your drink.
If she’s still waiting for her drink, just throw to her a simple “is it always so crowd here/ Is it always so empty here?” according to the club.

These are easy hooks to grab her attention, then it’s your turn to move the conversation to a more personal topic asking for example “you’re not from here, aren’t you?”

2. Make her laugh

Do you remember the old times, when pickup lines sounded cool? Well, it’s time to go retro and use those silly, ridiculous icebreakers to make her laugh and disarm her bitch shield.

Embrace that playful spirit you have when you joke around with your crew.
With a cocky smile on your face, use the worst pickup line you can come up with, something so ridiculous to make her understand you’re joking.
A few examples here:
“I’m sure your next tattoo will have my name”
“You shouldn’t go out with that dress, you could cause car accidents!”
“Is it hot in here, or is it just you?”

If you make it obvious that you’re fooling around, she’ll burst out laughing and she will keep playing the game with you. Is it not what this is all about, a game?

3. Challenge her

Many guys will approach her that same night but just a few of them will be confident. The majority of them are probably sloppy, drunk or nervous. They’re just throwing their net in the see, hoping to pull up something more than a boot.
You’re not that kind of man, you approached her cause you really like her, not cause she’s “attempt number 12”.
Grab your balls and approach in a super direct way, saying honestly what you feel looking at her. Remember to have an open body language, move slowly and keep eye contact.

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You should use this kind of approach just with the girls who makes your jaw drop on the floor. That’s cause women can immediately spot bullshit, and if you’re not 100% congruent, she will sense it.

If her beauty really leaves you breathless, you need to make her know it, cause she spent time wearing makeup and stuff to have all the eyes on her.

4. Meet her friends

This technique requests a little more time, but it’s damn effective to get to her. If she’s in a group, approach one of the guys with the easiest topic to create bonds between men: to talk about girls. If a hot girl walks by, it’s 100% guaranteed that all the men will follow her with their eyes, even the ones who are engaged or married. It’s just stronger than us.

Drop to him a comment like “God, did you see her?!”. Off course he saw her, and that’s your way to get into the group, figure out who’s dating who and if that particular girl is free.
If her friends like you, they’ll be the first ones to push you to her, you won’t have to do anything special.

5. The proxy approach

How can you approach a girl dodging entirely her initial mistrust? Easy, you need to show her that you already have the power of female attraction. If you surround yourself with other women, this means you’re the kind of guy she wants around, someone who can already deal with the opposite sex.

You can do this in different ways: you can bring with you “wingwomen” but if you don’t have any, the thing I always suggest to my students is to show up at the bar early and approach girls you’re not interested sexually. You don’t have to hit them, just treat them as friends and they will be your key to talk with the girls you’re interested in.

Usually, when your company is composed of girls, you don’t need to do anything special to attract other women. You’ll naturally become a magnet. I can tell you dozens of episodes when girls approached me just cause I already was in a female group.
Not to mention that hanging out with girls is the best way to learn something more about them and enlarge your knowledge on what women want.

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