5 Reasons why you Should Start Approaching



If you’re still in doubt about approaching or not, here’s 5 reasons why you should start right now!

1 – You’re missing too many chances

We meet beautiful girls everywhere: on the street, bus, train, tube… So many chances and nobody trying to catch them. When we see a beautiful girl walking on the street, we usually think “she’s too hot for me” or “she’s already engaged”.

What if she’s simply single? What if you approach her, breaking all the conventional rules and this impress her?
What if she wants to have a coffee with you? What if she gives you her number cause she wants to see you again?
And why we never think about all these good possibilities, and instead we get obsessed with the worst scenarios?

If we let our fear be our own boss, somebody else will catch these possibilities for us.

2 – Hanging out with hotties

Are you not tired to hang out with average girls just cause you met them through a mutual friend?
What if you can finally choose the girl you want to date?
Wouldn’t be amazing to hang out with a real hottie, a girl you didn’t think you were worth her?

I think it’s a real revolution. I wasted so much time dating average girls and envying other guys hanging out with models.
“Why not me?”.

If you’re having the same question, it’s time to change!

3 – It’s completely life-changing

When people think about pickup, they all make the same mistake: they think it can affect just the dating life”.

Nothing so wrong!

Approaching a complete stranger in the street and face somebody else’s judgement, is one of the scariest thing a man can do.

Beating your strongest fear over and over, makes your ego weaker and gives you the ability to fight back in all other aspects of your life.

You’ll soon feel free from all the boundaries and limitations you thought you have.

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4 – No more regrets

How many times you’ve seen a marvellous girl in the street and you let her go? Countless times!

And what is the first feeling you experience once she’s gone? Regret of course!

“What if I talked to her?”
“What if she liked me?”

Questions you will never know the answers to.
It’s time to get those answers!
And even if sometimes they’re answers we don’t like, you won’t ruminate cause you took the chance.

5 – Cause it works

This single reason is enough to start.

Maybe you’ve never tried pickup.
Maybe you just started and you’re getting only rejections and flake numbers.
Maybe you stopped cause you couldn’t bare girls judging you.

Although all the bad results you have in the beginning, you have hundreds of online proofs that pickup works!

Seducing a girl is something that you learn by experience. There is no other way! There is no magic online post that can give you all the skills. The only way is to exercise, like everything else.

You think naturals were born like that? No. They have just been training their social skills everyday, talking with people, figuring out what works and what not.

Approaching is your first step to get better with girls and with people in general.
Do you wanna sit on the bench or get in the field? Your call.

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