5 Truths That You Don’t Want To Hear in Pickup



5 Truths That You Don’t Want To Hear in Pickup

1. Nobody is actually too busy to respond to you.

How many times did you stare at your message on WhatsApp, stare at that gray double check, speculating on all the different reasons why she still hasn’t read your message.
Well mate, if your message lays there for more than 30 minutes, 99% of times she already read it but she doesn’t want to reply (or in the best case scenario she’s acting difficult to get).

That girl isn’t too busy to answer your text. She presumably has a busier life than you, that’s why girls check their phones non-stop, chatting with friends and pretenders.
The sooner you stop making excuses for the people who don’t make you a priority, the sooner you can move on to the people and situations that do.

2. Everyone has his or her own best interests at heart.

No matter how caring and genuine a person is, they’re always going to be more aware of their own needs than they are to yours.
If you think about it, you’re doing the same. You’re the most important person for yourself, and you can’t pretend that someone else would mind your problems more than his own.

This means 2 things:

  1. a girl you’ve just met doesn’t have to be nice with you. If she wants, she has all the rights to act like a bitch. She doesn’t owe you anything, included respect.
    I heard guys saying “what a bitch, she has no respect at all!”Did she sign any contract about respecting you and treating you nicely?
    She’s a stranger, and she won’t hesitate to step on your feelings if she has to.
  2. No one will take care of the hard job for you. If you really want to change your life, you’re the only person who can do something about it, and you’re the only person you can count on.Sure, having friends who can support is great and we’re not meant to live like islands, but when the hard times will strike (and they will show up for sure if you’re acting a big change in your life), you can just count on your will power. You’d better start making it stronger.

3. The world owes you absolutely nothing.

As I wrote in the last point, you’re entitled to absolutely nothing. Whatever you want to achieve in this world, you have to work for it.


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You can spend all the time you want to paint your future in your head, but it will never become reality if you don’t take the actions to make it come true.
Good intention is a wonderful thing but unless it’s coupled with action, it counts for nothing.

You have two basic choices in front of you: You can spend your entire life feeling sorry for yourself because you deserve more than you’re getting, or you can go out into the world and do something about it.

And stay away from false prophets, the ones who tell you that reaching a particular result is a piece of cake. Everything valuable in this world has a price, and the price is hard, hard work.
Nothing valuable comes for free.

4. You are never going to please everybody.

If you live your life like others want you to, you’d end up without a personality. And then anyway someone would come along and tell you that he doesn’t like you.
The truth is, it’s impossible to please everybody.

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There will always be someone who’ll criticize you for a reason or another. Given this fact, why are you still trying to gratify others if the result won’t ever be the one you want?

Word of advice, the more you try to please others, the more people will disrespect you and take advantage of you. If you want to be respected, paradoxically you need to behave as you wish, even if sometimes your behavior could offend or hurt someone.

5. If you don’t have the life you’d like, it’s just your fault

You can blame whatever you want cause you don’t have the lifestyle you dream about. It could be your parents’ fault, or your lack of money or time, your appearance, your handicap or the place where you leave.
They’re not reasons why, they’re just excuses.

The harsh truth is that every single person on the planet has at least one damn good excuse for not pursuing the life they want.

You can read any successful person’s biography and you’ll realize that they probably had a worse starting situation than yours.

The journey that leads to the goal is tough and it takes a long time. People who’ve hit rock-bottom have ironically an advantage on the others cause they have nothing to lose and so they won’t give up easily.


The girl of your dream isn’t waiting for you behind the corner or fall from the sky directly into your arms.
As human beings, we need hope. Hope is what make us keep going even when we’re deep in the abyss.
But hope won’t shape our life. And plus no one else will donate you what you need.

Successful people are the ones who are determined enough to do whatever it takes to reach their goal, and they know that if anyone is going to save their day, it’s going to have to be them.

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