8 Morning Routines To Become Successful



8 Morning Routines To Become Successful

Hard to believe but morning is the moment we have the higher level of productivity. While we wish to spend just other 5 minutes in bed, we’re missing the spike of our day.

Well, let me tell you one thing: in that moment, you’re defining 90% of your day. Depending on how you wake up in the morning, your day will follow accordingly.
If you rush out of the bed cause you’re late, have a rapid breakfast and dash out of your house, guess how your day will continue.

I know it’s hard to accomplish anything when you’re sleepy, that’s why you can’t count on your motivation. Motivation is feeble and finite.
You need instead to develop morning routines, regular actions that you follow religiously every single day. This is the only way to use your morning productivity and maintain that level for the rest of the day.

Create a habit out of the bed

Following a system when you first wake up, is the little trick any successful person uses to reach the top. They rely on their habits to shape the rest of their day. Ask to any person you respect, and you’ll see that it’s true.

And the good news is that morning routines take just a few minutes, they won’t steal time to anything else you want to do. Actually they’ll make you more focused and concentrated on everything you’ll have to achieve later.

I’m gonna list 8 morning routines I’ve been developing through the years, and since I implemented them in my life, I’ve never been so productive.

#1 Set your alarm earlier

To have a morning routine, you need to set aside enough time for you to gather your thoughts. Start setting your alarm for 5-10 minutes earlier each day. This way, you will have a wake up time that can support a healthy morning routine.

#2 Use a real Alarm clock

I used to wake up with my smartphone alarm clock, and the first thing I ended up doing in the morning was to check facebook in my bed. Does it sound familiar?
Leave your smartphone as far as you can from your bed, so you won’t have any distractions from getting up.

#3 Meditate

Meditation in the morning is a total game changer. It allows you to quiet your thoughts, center yourself, and prepare your mind, body and soul for a rigorous, trying day ahead. If you’re skeptical about any new age technique, I suggest you to try for a few weeks, just 10 minutes every morning. Here’s a useful article to learn how to meditate.

#4 Review your daily goals

Never face a new day without a roadmap. Start writing a logbook about your goals for the day. The best way to waste an entire day is to not have clear in mind your daily objectives. Daily hustle and bustle of life get you off track easily so you need a reminder.

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#5 Prepare a nutritious breakfast

It’s totally unhealthy to skip breakfast because you don’t have time to make it, or pick up something on the way to work. The way we fuel our bodies in the morning directly influences how much energy we will have during the day. Opt for a healthy smoothie full of fruits, vegetables, and chia or hemp seeds, or a bowl of oatmeal with cut up fruit. If you give your body the nutrients it needs, you will find you have much more energy throughout the day.

#6 Have a Jam Session

While you’re having breakfast, don’t let silence be your soundtrack! Countless studies have linked music to improved mood, better concentration and performance, a sounder sleep, and much more. Try to put on some music that pumps you up for the day, so that you can get in the right mindset for your work or school day.

#7 Visualisation

Here’s another new age trick for you. Our thoughts have the power to build our life, and success or defeat depends on where we direct them. This doesn’t mean that if you think every morning to be Dan Bilzeran, in a month you’ll be surrounded by models. But it’s true that if you remind yourself everyday “nobody will ever love me” you’ll end up lonely and miserable.

Positive thinking is another trick successful people use. They’ve reached success cause they aimed to it. So focus every morning for a couple of minutes on what you want to achieve. Train yourself to create images, as vivid as you can, of you reaching what you want. The consequences of visualisation are most of the time mind blowing.

#8 Open your mouth

I know that the last thing you want to do in the morning is to talk, but if you want to change your life you need to face uncomfortable tasks. On the way to school or work, say “good morning, how are you” to at least a stranger. It could be a person sitting next to you on the bus or a clerk in a shop… Get in a talkative mode as soon as you can and you’ll see that the day will start shining of a different light.

Of course you don’t have to embrace all of these routines in your lifestyle. Start with a few of them you never practise, and you’ll see a definitive increase in your quality of life.

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