8 Things She Madly Wants In Bed



8 Things She Madly Wants In Bed

Men and women are totally different, that’s not a secret. Even when it comes to getting turned on and unleashing inhibitions, girls’ triggers are far distant from men’s.
Odds are what your girl really wants in the bedroom isn’t happening. So I looked for answers asking women for their greatest sexual desires and got this unbelievable list of advices and fantasies.

Read on to discover what she secretly wants in bed, probably stuff you’re missing to make her crazy with pleasure. Trust me, your sex life together will never be the same.

1. Foreplay is the key to unlock her desire

I know you’re eager for the main dish, but foreplay is what makes the difference between a prude shy girl and a sex-bomb! The slower you undress her, caress her, kiss her, the more she will die with lust.

Something girls get crazy about (and guys rarely use) is dirty talking during this phase. You don’t need to be vulgar saying what you want to do to her. Just tell her what you like in that precise moment, how beautiful she is, how good she smells…
She wants to feel how much you desire her, it’s a great way to get her going.

2. Stare at her. She’s your present

A girl didn’t wear something lacy just to waste her money and be umcomfortable with a tight bra all day. She wore that for you, to make you enjoy that vision, to raise your eagerness for her. She wants to be looked at as most beautiful sight you’ve ever spectated.

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Don’t be in such a rush to miss how she looks in that lingerie. Take your time to take it all in, and then unwrap your gift slowly. If you want to spice things up, use that same lingerie to tie her hands or blindfold her. She’ll appreciate it!

3. Kiss her. Really kiss her

Stop thinking about porn, where you just need to hump her strongly and fast. Real world is far from what you use to jerk off. She wants a wild confident man who is at the same time passionate and caring.

The rule in kissing is to follow her lead. Start slowly and let her guide you, watch for signs that encourage more rapid movement and advances. But don’t stop on her lips, put your attention on every inch of her skin, neck, ears, ankles, wrists, and be focused on the parts she enjoy the most.

4. Go down on her

I was discussing about this with a friend some days ago, and I got speechless after he told me that he doesn’t like to put his mouth on girls heaven’s door. How can you not like doing that? It’s one of the biggest pleasure in life, especially for her.

If she allows you to put your tongue in the Holiest of Holies, you’d better do it and you’d better know what to do. Every girl is different in this, that’s why you should let her tell you how she likes it. As I said with kissing, let her be your guide. Start slowly, be multi-tasking and use your hands, starting with a single finger.

Then take notice on how she reacts, where and when she likes to be stimulated. If you enjoy doing it and you follow her lead, she will come so hard that she will more that willingly reciprocate.

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5. Take control

The majority of girls I asked about their sex fantasies, they all told me the same: they want the man to take charge in the bedroom. This doesn’t mean that they always want to be submissive (if you play well your cards she will want to have control every now and then), but they want to be manhandled, they want to see how much you crave them.

Don’t be afraid to get rough, grab her hair and pull her head back (especially when you’re entering her from behind), put her against the wall, pin her arms down while you take her.
She will tell you if you’re crossing her boundaries. Sex is a game, and all the things you’re gonna do must be enjoyable and consented by both of you. If you force her to do something she doesn’t want to do, first of all you’re an asshole, then you’re missing the fact that pleasure is especially about making your partner satisfied.

6. Dirty talk

Silent sex is the first way to turn her off. She wants you to talk nasty, to use the kind of terms you would use in real life with your friends at the bar. You’re having sex, not pushing daises, so why using polite words like vagina and penis?

Be specific and tell her how tight her pussy is or ask her how much she likes to get dirty with you. And there is a huge different saying “you’re a bitch” and “you’re MY bitch”.
I want to emphasise that sex is a role-play, so you need to treat it like a game. Calling her “your bitch” doesn’t imply that she’s your bitch in the real world. What happens on bed, stays on bed. It’s your place to play, break the rules and have fun.

7. Be noisy and be vocal

If you’re banging a woman, she’s crying out and saying your name and moaning, and you act like a ninja instead, she’s going to feel like an idiot.
That doesn’t mean that you have to fake guttural noises to make her happy. Just talk to her, whisper her name in her ear (assuming you know it) and let her know how much you like what you’re doing.

Again, she wants to know that you enjoy what you see and what you’re doing, so let her know that. There is no reason to talk for the entire time, but something along the way is more than appreciated. And you don’t have to be creative, just put in words your thoughts, be honest about that. Or if you can’t come up with anything, a simply “oh baby, you’re so hot” or “you’re making me crazy” is more than enough.

8. Arrange a threesome

It’s crazy but one of our biggest fantasies, it’s their biggest fantasy as well. Girls are usually afraid to uncover this secret with their boyfriends, but they’d like to have sex inviting another woman in your bed. Too good to be true right?

She gets wet at the only thought to watch you get aroused as she pleasures her friend, and for the record, every girl that I met, had in the past a sexual intercourse with another girl. They call it “experimenting” and this gives you the idea about how much we’re different.

If you have a great sexual connection, just put the idea on the table. Discuss about it hypothetically and see how she reacts. Usually, when you both come up regularly talking about threesomes, you’re both into the idea that you can move forward.

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