About Style, Grooming And Fashion – Interview with Aaron Marino



Aaron Marino is the founder of IAmAlphaM, the online benchmark for whoever aims to enhance his image, style, grooming, fashion and most importantly confidence. Aaron Marino has been featured in countless publications, as well as guest appearances on various television and radio programs, both locally, as well as nationally.

So this podcast is all about style! Hit play to get all the advices you need to build and improve your image!

Here’s what we covered in the podcast:

  • The #1 item every man should have in his wardrobe
  • The basics to start having a better image
  • How to dress well without spending too much
  • In what instead I should invest some money
  • How to build your fashion taste
  • Should you ask girls for fashion advices?
  • How to find your own style
  • The guidelines for thin/overweight/tall/short guys
  • Accessories you shouldn’t miss
  • Advices in shaving and grooming

Click play and learn now how to improve your style (you can download it or Subscribe on iTunes)!

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