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Adam Armstrong

This podcast is not about pickup skills, even if the topic is totally related to pickup! I invited the #1 Sex Expert Adam Armstrong to talk about sex! Big time guys!

As result of 10+ years of research and experimentation with the girls he dated, Adam teaches people how to become amazing lovers, even if they previously sucked in bed

Here’s what we covered in the podcast:

  • Do women love sex as much as we do?
  • How to make her want more sex
  • The 3 things girls love the most in sex
  • How to use dirty talking in the right way
  • How to make her orgasm
  • How to recognise a real orgasm from a fake one
  • How to fix erection problems
  • How to last longer

I don’t care if you’re already giving girls multiple orgasms just using your eyes. The things Adam explains in this interview are mind blowing so click play (you can download it or Subscribe on iTunes)!

And if you want to check one of Adam’s product I like the most, take a look to his Bedroom Boss Program! That’s the best thing you can get to make girls yearn for you!

5 Bulletproof techniques to make her CUM

Learn how to make her reach the climax in 5 different ways

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And do not forget to visit Adam’s website “Better in Bed” and its Youtube Channel and leave a comment below the podcast!

Happy Holidays under the sheets!

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