Approach anxiety, honesty and lot more. Interview with Johnny Berba



Yo dudes, I had a really cool conversation last week with Johnny Berba, one of the most interesting guys in the pickup community. Johnny is one of the Leading Dating & Life coaches in the UK. His method is completely focused on conquering anxiety and attract women in a natural and spontaneous way. He’s one of the guys who inspired me the most when I started my journey in pickup and life improving.

Here’s what we covered in the podcast:

  • How to overcome approach anxiety in daygame
  • The importance of being honest
  • What can help you in the first tough period in pickup
  • How to stay motivated, even through rejections
  • The 3 best things to know, to get good in pickup


Enough with words, enjoy the podcast (you can download it or Subscribe on iTunes) and do not forget to visit Johnny Berba’s website and his youtube channel and leave a comment below the podcast!

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Enjoy the process!

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