The Secrets of Direct Game – Interview with BadBoy



Time for a new podcast fellows, and this time I’m honoured to have a conversation with the father of direct game and daygame. I’m talking about BadBoy!

I think he doesn’t need a presentation. Let’s say that he’s one of the earliest Pick Up Artists in the late 1990s and he became well known as one of the best pick up artists in the community in its early days for his posts on the forums.

Here’s what we covered in the podcast:

  • The characteristics of BadBoy’s system
  • Is it better go direct or indirect with a girl?
  • What women look for in a man
  • How to solve innergame problems
  • Is it true that women like sex as well as men?
  • How to recognise a horny girl

If you want to know more about direct game, or if you want a great strategy to pickup especially Eastern Europe Girls, that’s the podcast for you! Click play (you can download it or Subscribe on iTunes)!


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If you want to get deeper, visit the Badboy School where he will train you personally, and do not forget to visit BadBoy Lifestyle Website and leave a comment below the podcast!

Enjoy the process!

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