How To Reach Confidence – Interview with Patrick Wu



Patrick Wu Confidence

Patrick Wu is the founder of, author of the book “The Art Of Wooing” and the host of the podcast “The Super Charmer” where he teaches about seduction and self-confidence.

We had a great chat about how to connect with women in a much … Read More

5 Rules Every Single Guy Should Live By



5 Rules Every Single Guy Should Live By

Among all the guys who contact me to get some help, a good percentage is about people who don’t want to be single anymore. “I’ve been single for too long and I want to get out of this situation”.

First of all you have to … Read More

Summer fashion tips – Interview with Megan Collins



Megan Collins is the founder of Style Girlfriend, a website that helps both guys living in big cities and small towns to look great in their outfit even on a small budget!

I had this podcast with Megan last summer, and since we talked mainly … Read More

3 Things You Can Learn On Girls From 50 Shades Of Grey



Fifty Shades of Grey

I know what you’re thinking: what could I ever learn from 50 shades of grey, basically a girlish novel? Well, as I always say, pickup is a selling process. You’re selling the product (yourself) to your clients (women) and the first rule in marketing is … Read More