Coaching Sessions

Since I started this pickup journey, I’ve met countless men out there who unnecessarily struggle with dating. They overcomplicate and overthink things when it comes to women.
And I perfectly understand cause I was the same.

But then I realized something interesting: you can actually “learn” how to attract women, and at the same time you can change completely your general life. I didn’t even know this was possible; like most guys, I was under the assumption that you either just have it or you don’t.

After years of experience approaching girls in every possible situation, I’ve figured out how to consistently date women that society would deem “out of our league”.
Unlike you may think, I didn’t reach this level just by myself. I devoured all the online content I could find but at the same time I learned from mentors I met in real life.

The best way to improve, not just in pickup, is to find a coach who already learnt from mistakes, who already walked your path, and absorb everything he can teach you.
What helped me the most to become who I am, has been hanging out with people who were better than me with girls.

I stored and took notes of everything they had to offer, I implemented the new notions in my style and I put them into action.
That’s the same thing I’m offering you in this page.

Don’t get me wrong. Online programs are incredibly effective (especially mine 😀 ), but sometimes you may need an extra help, or simply you want to improve faster.

Why I’m different

Yeah, why should you choose me instead of any other dating coach out there?
Well, I based my entire website on helping people, cutting all the crap that is simply time-wasting.

You won’t find any youtube video of me and there is a reason for that. I firmly believe that online dating videos can be sometimes counterproductive. They’re meant to feed your hunger for answers, a hunger that leads easily to an information overload.

Again, I speak for experience, I faced this problem in the past. I was stuck in a vortex of videos, articles and any other content easily achievable, doing nothing concrete!
That’s the reason why I offer just a bunch of videos on my website, the maximum amount you need to gain the notions. But then it’s time to turn off your computer, get out of your house and put into practice what you learnt.

My Coaching sessions are all about practice. Of course there will be a theoretical part, but the most important element is working on your issues, mistakes and problems. Let’s cut the bullshit and take it seriously.

Plus, I personalise my sessions. Whatever you’re gonna choose, One-on-one or Skype Coaching, I’m gonna talk directly to you, not other 4-5 students at the same time. You’re the person who’s gonna get all my attention, not anyone else.

See you on the other side

If you don’t have any good buddy who can support you with pickup, or if you think online programs don’t help you enough, well, give me shout. You can choose between a One-on-One Coaching Session or a Skype Coaching Session.

Whatever your goal is — wife, girlfriend, harem — I can help you achieve it. There’s no reason for you not to have the women you want in your life.

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