What you Need to Get Better in Pickup

The problem with pickup and seduction nowadays, is that we are overwhelmed by information about it. We have tons of book, websites, blog, videos, podcast… And a lot more.
This look like a positive thing for someone who wants to start right now, a huge free library where you can get all the knowledge you need, but it can become a double-edged weapon.

Beginners get stuck in this vortex of information, reading article after article and video after video. The result of this data overload in your brain is to not know where to start!
The entire process will seem too difficult, too many steps to accomplish in the right way, and your probable reaction would be to not start at all.

Approach anxiety is a logic consequence of this information overload. Approaching a girl knowing that you have too many things to manage, too many things to do in the correct way, conveys it like one of the most difficult things in the world.

“What if I approach correctly but then I can’t create enough attraction?”
“What if I can’t build enough comfort?”
“What if…?”

I suspect that the industry of pickup made everything so complicated just to earn more at the expenses of a bigger and bigger number of frustrated guys.
This is insane! How do you think people could get girls before the pickup industry?
How do you think the ones called “naturals” get all the girls they want, knowing nothing about pickup?

The answer is simple

Pickup is one of the easiest thing ever.

We made it instead complicate and difficult.
We are born to attract partners and procreate. This is our purpose and seduction skills are already in our DNA. We’ve just lost them among too many bullshit!

If you watch an old movie with Marlon Brando, Sean Connery or Marcello Mastroianni, you can see all the skills you need, and they knew nothing about game.
You don’t need to read books or waste hours in front of youtube.

All you need are a few principles and a lot of practice.

I thought about which are the 5 essential things you have to concentrate on to get good in seduction and I created 5 videos to talk about each principle.
That’s all you have to know about pickup, the rest will happen just if you want, based on your commitment and motivation.

Click on the button below to receive the 5 free videos and good luck with your journey. It will be fun!

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