Guys we fucked – Interview with Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson



Guys we fucked

Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson are a New York-based comedy duo known as “Sorry About Last Night” and the hosts of the podcast “Guys We Fucked: The Anti-Slut-Shaming Podcast.

In most episodes, Fisher and Hutchinson interview a guy with whom they’ve been intimate or comedian and celebrities about their sexuality. The show has over half a million SoundCloud subscribers and frequently appears on iTunes’ top 40 podcasts list. This is so far the funniest episode I had, so go check it out!

Here’s what we covered in the podcast:

  • Which are the main characteristics Corinne and Krystyna look for in men
  • The weirdest approaches they received
  • How’d they like to be hit on
  • The weirdest situations they ended up in bed
  • Does size matter?
  • What guys miss in bed most of the times
  • Do all girls want to try lesbian sex sooner or later?
  • How many times girls masturbate?
  • How much sex is important for women
  • Could bad sex lead to cheating?

Click play to listen Corinne and Krystyna talking about their prospective on sex (you can download it or Subscribe on iTunes)!

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