How to date – Interview with Michael Valmont



Michael Valmont

Amazing conversation in this episode of The Pickup Change Podcast with Michael Valmont , one of the most interesting dating coach out there! He’s the founder of, he’s been a featured expert for several top publications and he coached hundreds of men through live training globally on getting better with women over the past few years.

We focused mainly on the advices to follow and the mistakes to avoid on dates.

Here’s what we covered in the podcast:

  • How to build the confidence to be a seducer
  • The best way to end an interaction by day and by night
  • How to ask her out
  • The biggest mistake to avoid on a date
  • How to flirt on a date
  • The right way to calibrate your words and your actions with her
  • When it’s the right moment to go for the kiss
  • How to invite her to your place
  • How to become friends with benefits
  • How to handle hanging out with more than one girl at the same time

Click play and discover all the secrets to not ruin your date (you can download it or Subscribe on iTunes)!

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