How to Make Progresses in Pickup



How to Make Progresses in Pickup

I know it looks strange, but I meet over and over people who complain about the fact that they’re always stuck at the same level with pickup.
When they started going out and approaching girls, they saw a huge improve in their social skills and everything looked perfect. And then they reached an unclimbable wall between them and the next step of their improvement.
For someone is getting numbers that are gonna flake.
For someone else is to have second dates, or get on dates and then be classified just as nice guys and nothing more.

Well, if you’re stuck at a certain level and you can’t move forward, is probably cause you’re doing something wrong. The results you get are not random. There’s a reason why you get a kind of result and not the one you expected.

Like everything else, is a matter of trying new things we’re not familiar with. And I know that could be scary or stressful, but if we want to have different outcomes, is just stupid to keep doing what we usually do and complain about it.

The problem is the result of not being able to face things that are scary. Maybe these guys got over approach anxiety and now they can approach a girl, but they’re scary to take risks during the interaction.

Well, one of the secret to improve in everything in life, is to take risks and face the consequences of what you did. If the consequences are bad, you learned something and the next time you can adjust your technique.
But if you never risk anything, you will face plateaus and you will never be able to go on in your journey.


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In pickup more than other topics, “to risk” is usually the answer to your question.

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  • How can I stay out of friendzone?
    Take the risk to be more flirty, even if she won’t like it.
  • How can I have solid numbers?
    Take the risk to show her your real intentions. Be honest and be direct about what you want from her
  • How can I go after the first date?
    Take the risk to kiss her at the end of the first date. Maybe she’ll refuse it, but she’ll forgive you to be a man.

There are actually a lot of things out of pickup that will make you a risk taker!
I created a pdf that you can download, with all the things that helped me become a more adventurous, challenging and better person. I listed 10 things that you can do too, to change your mindset and improve in pickup at the same time!


But trying new things is useless if we’re not critical about them. Analyse them and change them if they give you wrong results.

In pickup we tend to forget that it’s always a work in progress.

Be reckless guys. Everything you’re looking for (women, money, career…) is waiting for you out of your comfort zone. You just need to step out, take the risk and take your chance!

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