Check which courses are availableCheck which courses are availableGetting better in Pickup is a never ending process. I’m sure you spent a long time online, looking for dating advices in all forms of media, from youtube videos to pdfs.
If they didn’t help you, you probably considered to join a bootcamp with a famous pickup artist, but the sky-high prize stopped you.

Pickup Change wants to solve this problem from a different angle: we created affordable live trainings for people who want something more.

Our programs include intensive lessons that take you through every step of the process, and instant feedbacks by personal coaches to shape up your social, dating and business life.
You’ll improve your skills using different type of contents like videos, audio clips, presentations, pdfs, weekly challenges, and more important, one-to-one live coaching sessions.


In Pickup Change we believe that shaping a new identity needs different types of input. That’s why we tailored our training programs mixing multiple media.
Here’s the huge amount of content you’ll get every single week:

  • Webinar


    1 hour webinar about the weekly topic

    5 Bulletproof techniques to make her CUM

    Learn how to make her reach the climax in 5 different ways

  • Exercises


    Challenges to accomplish during the week

  • PDFs


    Advices and tips to complete your mission

  • Media


    Audio and video examples to show you how to do

  • Live Coach

    Live Coach

    One-to-one skype calls with your personal coach

  • Bonus Content

    Bonus Content

    All the new content we’re filming right now

Our live trainings are not another passive products, where you watch the videos, listen to the podcasts and expect magical changes in your life. These are call-to-action programs, in which you’ll be provided with valuable material, missions to accomplish and a direct line with a personal trainer.
Honestly, we can’t think of a better way to make you achieve the goals you desire.


30 day Money backWe are so passionate and confident about our programs that they’re all Money Back Garantee!

What does it mean? If you don’t see fast and immediate results or even if you don’t like what we teach you, just send us a quick email at within 30 days of your course beginning and we’ll happily refund every cent you paid. That’s one full month to see for yourself if you got any improvement through our training.

You seriously have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.


Human nature dictates that you give less value to stuff that you got for free.
On the other side, if you pay for something, you automatically commit to what you bought for the simple reason that you don’t want to waste your money.
My computer is full of free material I downloaded and it’s still untouched. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

If you pay for a course, you’re sure you’re gonna follow every single information in it.

And anyway, if you’ll figure out that you wasted your money with something that didn’t work for you, did you read the 30 day garantee above?!


It’s a shame that people spend money to get in a better body shape, but they invest nothing on mental and social skills. We are social animals, and interact with other people is a basic knowledge everyone should own.

Why do you want to waste time figuring something out by yourself, when you can get professional help and ease the process of learning? It’s normal to be followed by a coach in the gym, but nobody wants a trainer when it’s about social skills. That’s nonsense.

If you really want to see real improvements in your dating skills, that’s the way you should follow.


Back to my early days in pickup, I learnt that the only way to get skills quicker is to follow a program and commit in front of somebody else. Be on your own is twice harder, and giving up happens so frequently.
That’s why I started having big improvements in my dating life after I set up a contest with other people, where you were forced to follow all the excercises.

That’s the foundation of Pickup Change trainings: have a road map to follow, face increasing difficult challenges, and have a coach who teaches you the technique.
There is no better way to learn.

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