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If there is something girls really like to speak about, is fashion. It’s because they give an important value to look good. The thing they understood and we didn’t, is that they dress well and they work so much to look good not just to get positive feedbacks from men, but mostly to feel better about themselves.

We still don’t understand this simple fact, and we buy better clothes just cause they (maybe) will help us impress more girls.

Dressing good and looking good is more important for our inner game than for girls. When we have approach anxiety and our brain goes in super mode to find immediately an excuse to use, looking bad and wearing bad clothes is one of the first excuses that it finds.

“I look tired today and my hair are a mess!”
“I’m not wearing my best t-shirt. She won’t like me”

These and other stupid excuses will be picked up immediately from our brain, and they usually work as hell.


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Nonetheless dressing well, have a shower in the morning, grooming, brush your teeth etc.. help to keep your motivation up to approach and flirt. If we don’t take a shower for 3 days, the last thing that we want is to stay in front of somebody else’s opinion.

As men we are so lucky: improve our look is easy and it doesn’t need too much money.
Some clothes that fit us well, a good hairstyle, some cream for the skin, could make miracles. And the thing is that girls are less visual than us. What turn them on is not look, it’s instead confidence.
They don’t need a D&G model. An average looking guy is more than enough for them, as long as he’s self-confident.

The best thing you could do to start looking better and have clothes that really fit you well, is to get in a store and ask advices about clothes to the first girl you will find there. Girls like more to give advices to men about clothing than buying clothes for themselves.
You will be astonished about how many times a girl will stop doing whatever she is doing, to follow and help you to find something that looks good on you.

Looking good is a habit that every alpha male should internalise, not just when there are people around who can judge him. An alpha male should look good even when he’s alone at home watching his favourite series.

Do you think the man you want to become would sit on the couch wearing slips and white socks?!
If you want to get a 10, start acting like a 10.

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