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Approaching is one of the biggest problem for a newbie in daygame and it’s connect with a question we’ve been all asking ourselves: which opener should I use?

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since we were using indirect openers to approach a girl. Being direct is actually far more effective than start asking for an opinion and trying to not look at her boobs.

So it shouldn’t be difficult to find an opener to use. Even a simple “Hi, I’m Mark” is enough on most of the cases. Although, beginners are not confident enough to show their interest right away.
A better solution would be to use canned material to warm up, and get spontaneous once you’re more comfortable.

I chosed the 3 most common situations where people need help and some tip to overcome them.

1. Girl waiting for the bus/train

The most frequent excuse to not take action in this case would be “I can’t approach a girl who will take my same bus! If she refuses me, we’ll have to spend time together in the same place”.
Fair enough. I get your concern. In a street approach, if she rejects us, we can leave avoiding that akward situation.

In a “stuck place approach”, a smart way is to come up with a funny opener, something that will make her smile and make her feel comfortable about us.

Feelings are contagious, and happy feelings are the most contagious ones.

The last time I did a “bus waiting approach” it was an early morning and there was this blonde angel beside me. I approached her with this.

“Hi, you owe me an apology”
“What for?”
“I’m sleepy and I hate to be social early in the morning, but then I’ve seen you and I couldn’t help myself from approaching you! So…Where’s my apology?

She obviously laughed and we ended up having a great conversation on the tube. Easy like that.

A slight variation is the girl waiting for somebody or texting at the phone.
An opener I’ve been using a lot in this situation is

“Hi! I hope you’re not texting to your boyfriend! In that case you can break up by message, telling him that you just fell in love with a new guy”.

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This worked every time for me. In two sentences, you show your funny vibe and your confidence.

2. Girl smiling at you

That’s a tricky situation. We got used to approach girls minding their own business. But what if a girl gives you a long glance or a smile?
It usually doesn’t happen so it can catch us off guard. Even in this case a simple “Hello, I’m Mark” would be enough, but you should have enough confidence to deliver it in the right way.

I used this opener more than once and it worked great.

“Hi, did you smile at me or were you thinking about fluffy puppies?”

That’s a fun way to convey your interested and show that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Not bad for a few words!

3. Two girls chatting

And here it comes one of the most challenging situation. When you see two girls chatting, the first excuse that comes to your mind is that you should’t interrupt them cause they’re talking about something damn interesting.
Funny how guys don’t realise how girls are constantly looking for unexpected episodes that can spice up their life…

The best way would be to approach them and make yourself clear about which girl you’re hitting on, and befriend the other girl. If you do it being confident and sarcastic, it can’t go bad.

But if you’re a beginner, it’s good to use a semi-indirect opener like

“Hi girls!”
“Tell me the truth. This is a conversation about boys!”

90% of the times they will laugh cause two girls are often talking about boys. And at the same time it gives you a good topic to get going in the conversation.


Getting on in pickup, you’ll discover that all the openers get along with you making your intentions crystal clear. And most of the time that means to introduce yourself and explain why you approached her.

But in the first stages, when you’re still working on your confidence, it’s better to have some canned material.
Chose three funny openers and get going with them till you’ll feel ready to speak genuinely.
Girls will respect your honesty and they’ll appreciate more your approach.

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