How to avoid friendzone



If you say that you’ve never ended up in friendzone, that sad, desperate and hopeless place, you’re lying. Sooner or later it happened to all of us! We find a girl who is damn perfect and unfortunately she doesn’t want anything more than being friends.
People waste years of their life to escape from there, unaware that is impossible. Once you’re there, there is no way out!

But I have a podcast with advices on how to avoid friendzone, you lucky bastards!

Here’s what I covered in the podcast:

  • Why you end up in the friendzone
  • What you should do from the beginning
  • What girls want
  • My a-ha moment about friendzone
  • Why the first 10 minutes are so important
  • Do girls really look for guys who make them laugh?
  • The importance of Push&Pull

And click on the button below to download the PDF I talk about in the podcast, with the 10 different examples of push&pull that you can use with girls


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