Seduce with subtext – Interview with Cajun




Podcast interview this week with one of the guys who inspired me the most in pickup! I’m talking about Cajun . I discovered about him watching this episode of Keys of the VIP and I remeber saying “Who the hell is this guy?!”

Cajun’ style is completely natural, relying on body language, tonality and what he calls “subtext” to create attraction. He’s now one of the leading instructors in Love Systems.

Here’s what we covered in the podcast:

  • How Cajun beat approach anxiety and built his confidence
  • What’s the secret he uses in every approach
  • How much acting is relevant in his style
  • How to deal with girls who are hard to get
  • Which is the scenario where is easier to get girls
  • How to seduce girls in clubs
  • Wich are the biggest mistakes in bodylanguage
  • How can an introvert guy become confident
  • How to go alone to clubs and bars to pickup girls

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