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5 Steps to get back in the game
  • Overcome Social Anxiety and approach the girls of your dreams without a single hesitation
  • 5 Steps to follow, based on years of experience and client coaching sessions
  • Exercises designed to improve your confidence with women slowly and gradually
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The 5 steps are easy to follow and the entire process lasts around 30 days. It's incredible how much my life changed following these advices
This book pushed me to take action and made me realise how easy it is to flirt with a girl and set a date with her. Can't thank Alessandro enough!
The thing I love of this book is that gives you a program to follow, missions and number of days. It's like going to the gym for your dating skills
The biggest fault of the Pickup Community, is that it made us believe that pickup is a complicate matter. You need to learn countless things before you can seduce a girl, and if you don't follow every principle religiously, you'll end up alone. Unfortunately this philosophy made its way and it created an army of frustrated guys with dating.

Well, we need to take pickup back to the origins. Seduce a girl is the easiest thing ever if you become honest and cut all the crap pickup gurus put in your head.

Pickup is a lifestyle, a continuos work on yourself to make you a better and more attractive person. Ask yourself these questions:
  • Would you go out for a date with yourself?
  • Would you date a guy like you if you were a girl?
  • Do you think you're an attractive person?
If it took you more than the necessary to answer these questions, you need to get back on tracks!
In which cases this book works
You have a strong approach and social anxiety and you feel awkward in front of people in general. You'd like to feel relaxed but it's impossible
You'd like to finally find a girl who likes you, but you have no idea of what to say in front of her. Your mind just blanks out.
Every time you see a girl that you find attractive, your brain comes up with a bunch of excuses and you decide to not approach at all
"I've read a lot of books about seduction and I became skeptical about it. But this book made the difference! That's not another book, that's a system that works!"
"This eBook is all about taking action, so I don't suggest it if you only want to spend time reading it on the couch. The Book gives you advices and exercises but you're the only one who can make it happen."
"If you suffer from approach anxiety, there is nothing better than this book. What you get in return is amazing!"
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