That’s why Tinder will ruin your Dating Life




Hello swiping Community! Oh, come on, I know that you use Tinder once in a while, spending a good 10 minutes moving his thumb right and left (mostly right if you are a boy) in the wish that the other person will return your interest (most of the time if you are a girl).
Well, evolution because of our opposable thumb found a obstacle along the way!

What happened to make us renounce to all the fun in seduction opting for a shortcut?

There are multiples answers to this question, all of them right at a first sight, but wrong if you analyse them in details, and my impossible mission for today is to put down all the reason you think Tinder will get you laid, and explain why they’re lies.
You have the chance to stop reading right now.

Still here? So let’s begin!

1. Big numbers

Why should I talk to two or three girls at the bar when I can swipe between hundreds of girls in a few minutes? We think pickup is mostly a game of numbers. The more choices we have, the better.
But what if I tell you that this cute girl on your smartphone have been liked by a thousand other guys and she’s probably chatting with a bunch of them?

Tinder has big numbers in the offering, but it has big numbers in the request too! The truth is that you’ll have to compete with countless more beautiful/funnier/more interesting guys than you in the same moment.
When you approach a girl in real life, she has your complete attention! Sure, someone could pop up and drag her away, but you have the chance for a one to one with her.
Tinder is like approaching a girl while a thousand other guys are already talking with her.

2. Hot girls

Swiping through pictures, you’ll stumble upon a tons of girls who look like they just got down from the GQ cover. Calm your testosterone and think for a second: how many pictures they got through before choosing these 5-6 to upload?

Nobody looks like they appear on Tinder.
Take a look to your profile pictures and tell me honestly: do you think that’s you? That’s just your best you, the one that thanks to good prospective, good lights, good filter, looks like the secret brother of Ryan Gosling.
I really hope you will find a match with your Victoria Secret’s model and that you won’t have to wake up later.

3. No anxiety

Have a smartphone between you and your (hopefully) next fuck buddy deletes entirely any kind of approach anxiety. The problem is the moment you will have to meet this girl face to face, and the chutzpa you showed by messages should match the real you.
Will you be as funny as you where on chat? Will you maintain the premises?

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If this girl will find you different, she will get cold at the speed of sound.
Are you feeling a little anxiety right now?

If you really want to delete your approach anxiety, download my free guide to do it instead!

4. Easy sex

The number 1 bullshit guys think about Tinder. Just cause a girl put her pictures on a dating app, do you think she’ll throw away her panties at the first guy she meets online?
90% of the girls on Tinder are there just to play, because they’re bored or cause their friends are already there. In the back of their mind, they give a smaller value to a guy who is on Tinder, cause he probably doesn’t have the balls to approach a girl in real life.

They once in a while decide to meet their matches, but just to give it a try. Their shields will be at “Great Wall of China” level cause they think you’re probably hanging out with other 5 girls from Tinder.
There is nothing easy involved in this situation.

5. Amazing dating life

Probably the biggest reason why you’re using Tinder is cause your dating life sucks and you’re trying to break the chain with a shortcut. Well, I’m sorry but it won’t work like that.
I saw with my own eyes guys in a club using Tinder while they’re sitting next to a group of cute girls. That’s insane.
If you’re not brave enough to approach a girl sitting 3 metres from you, do you think that moving your thumb left and right will change your situation?

Problems are never solvable with shortcuts, but facing them. While you’re wasting time swiping pictures, somebody else will get the girls you’re afraid to get.

I’m not sure I convinced you (you probably opened Tinder by half article) but it was worth a try.
It’s just that the other day I met an old friend with his new girlfriend and when I asked “How did you meet each other?” he replied to me “We met though Tinder”.

Well, call me old fashioned but it sounded a little sad.

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