There is no destination



We live in a society where the final result is what matters.

“When I’m rich, I’ll be finally happy!”
“When I find the right woman, my life will be finally fulfilled!”

We’re all chasing a specific goal, something that will magically fix everything’s wrong with our life.
And that’s the mistake everyone does.

We hear over and over the sentence “enjoy the journey, not the destination” but who’s actually enjoying it?
Actually we consider the journey as a waste of time before we reach the destination.

Well, I want to share with you the biggest secret: there is no destination.

Learning and improving a new skill is a lifetime journey, and endless work in progress that requires commitment and time.
Working hard to improve that skill is what makes us alive. What makes us happy.

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The reason why people get sad or depressed is because they stop fighting for their dreams, or cause they settle down after reaching a certain result.

Unfortunately we got lazy in pickup using speed dates, dating websites, dating apps and much more to ease the seduction process. All these tools got famous cause they reduce pain like approach anxiety and rejections.
I’m not criticizing these things, I’m just highlighting the fact that you’re missing all the fun.
Getting laid with a girl that you seduced from zero, is far more satisfying than one you met on internet, trust me!
That’s why is essential to start from the basics of seduction.

Approaching a beautiful girl, make her laugh, flirt with her, get a drink together… That’s what a man would do! That’s what would make you feel alive!
Stop swiping girl pictures on a smartphone. That’s so lame dude! Do you really wanna be that type of guy?

It’s time to start again and it’ll be fun.

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