Overcoming approach anxiety and start a new conversation with a strange girl has a higher purpose than just getting laid. The main goal is to get in control of every aspect of your life.

Social anxiety can arise in different circumstances: with collagues at work, in a social situation with strange people, in family gatherings… Examples are uncountable.

Now imagine the wonderful feeling of approaching girls and people in general without worrying about their opinion or about running out of things to say.
How does it sound?

If you dream about it but you think it will never happen to you, I have a good and a bad news.

The good one is that everybody can overcome their social anxiety. Turning off the overthinking switch is possible for everyone.
The bad news is that this journey needs your total commitment. It will be one of the toughest thing you’ve ever faced.


This 5 week program will turn upside down your entire way to relate with girls and people in general.
You have to commit to the program for the next 30 days. If you wanna enrich your life with amazing relationships and new life opportunities, that’s what you’re gonna face.

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    Get in proximity

    1st week

    Positioning is the first step to get comfortable in front of a girl. Internalizing this behaviour means to get into a state of action and reduce drastically the time for the approach.

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    Nobody is a stranger

    2nd week

    That’s the stage where you’ll start to deal with your ego. You’ll use little tricks to actually cheat it and get over your social fear. Approaching a stranger will not be weird anymore and your mind will start to make the shift you’ll need in the next weeks.

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    Become a social animal

    3rd week

    Observation is the skill to improve on this week. You will leave home any canned material you used in the past, and rather using observation to spot approaching clues.

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    Start taking risks

    4th week

    Crucial week where you force yourself doing things that your ego doesn’t want to do. That’s probably the hardest week as well as the most important for your mind change. You’ll be taught how to stand your ground and move on the conversation.

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    Speak up your intentions

    5th week

    That’s the moment where you show the girl your real intentions without being afraid of it. You’re free from your social breaks and you can take action without a single hesitation.


This is not just a another passive product in which you watch the videos, listen to the podcasts and expect that suddenly your anxiety is cured. I’m sorry to disappoint you but getting tons of notions in front of your computer won’t magically make your anxiety disappear.

That’s a program totally focused on taking action.
You will receive weekly challenges to accomplish, material to read, watch and listen, but in the end you’ll be the one deciding to improve your skills or to stay stuck.

The good thing is that you won’t be alone in all this: a couch will follow you along the way, giving you tips and hearing about your hurdles and improvements.

The participants must be willing to put their ego, fear, and habits aside, and be willing to go well beyond their normal comfort zones.

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