What Nobody Teaches You About Sex – Interview with Ben Buckingham



Ben Buckingham

Ben Buckingham is the Founder of Mind Blowing Lover, where he teaches how to pleasure any girl you want and be sure she will never leave you!

He spent almost 5 years reading, researching, interviewing and experimenting on this topic of sexually satisfying women. In his long discovery journey, Ben interviewed something like 264 women all around the world.

Here’s what we covered in the podcast:

  • The 3 basic principles we need to learn about sex for women
  • The bullet proof technique to last longer
  • How to discover her fantasies and kill routine
  • What to do if you come too quickly
  • How to make her want more and become a sex bomb
  • How many female orgasms exist?
  • The magic technique to finger a girl and make her come
  • The 2 steps forward one step back technique nobody teaches you about oral sex
  • The final advice on how to make every single girl squirt
  • Why dirty talking is the game changer

In the podcast we talk about a Ben’s video on his youtube channel on how to finger a girl and give her multiple orgasms. You can watch the video here

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