Pickup has changed. Again.

If you are on this website, it means that something in your life isn’t working properly and you’re looking for a way to fix it. it means that you need a change.

But let me explain why I called this website “Pickup Change”.

I was a damn shy guy. No game with girls but it would be more appropriate to say that I had no game with people in general. Even talking with a person I already knew was a terrible stress, cause I was costantly thinking I wasn’t enough: too shy, too boring, too ridicolous.
This type of anxiety is called Social anxiety: you’re constantly afraid of what people could think of you, afraid of people making fun of you and destroying your weak ego.
That was my permanent state: a never ending stress that I learned year by year to hide from others (sometimes hiding myself from others).

So back at the time, I discovered the existence of this black book similar to a Bible, that narrated an amazing story, a revolutionary tale we all were waiting for.
The book brought this message: it doesn’t count if you’re a looser. With some specific tricks, you can attract the girls of your dream.

The Game was out.

What a revelation was that? Not only I could start to attract beautiful girls, but also get value in front of other people!
That was definitely the cure to my social anxiety.

What followed the book release was poor madness. A bunch of geeks and nerds who had no chance with girls till that moment (me among them), started going out doing magic tricks and throwing fake bragging stories to girls.
I mean, how ridiculous is it? Well, at the time it sounded more than real.

Long story short, since then much water has passed under the bridge, and I saw Pickup changing over and over. The style kept changing, the gurus kept changing, the ways to learn kept changing…

What I figured out after all these years, is that Pickup is not about the mentor you have, is not about the words you say, it’s not about the number of girls you approach…

It’s about you.

You’re the first person you have to work on. And before stepping in front of a girl, you have to work on yourself. That’s what I meant with Pickup Change.

Pickup is not about girls, not anymore. Pickup is a lifestyle that you have to embrace since you get out of the bed till you go back to sleep.
And unfortunately tons of guys (and “masters”) still don’t get this point.

How do you think the so called “naturals” learn how to be good with girls? They didn’t have any book, any step to step guide. They just worked on themselves and understood the fact that if you want to get a 10, you have to be a 10 first!

The big secret the majority of guys don’t get, is that pickup isn’t about pickup.

We waste time asking ourself questions like

“Should I go direct or indirect?”
“What can I say? Why can’t I come up with anything?!”
“How can I escalate?”

You’re just torturing yourself and increasing your anxiety mate.
The questions you should ask yourself are not these ones, and I want to help you get the right questions and especially to get the answers!

So take action and get on board

The best place where to start is with my 3 FREE Videos to Overcome Approach Anxiety! I put into them all my experience after lots of rookie mistakes and experimentation. These 3 videos are my secret advices to overcome approach anxiety once for all and become able to talk to every girl you want without the single hesitation


Are you over Approach Anxiety and you want something more advanced? So you’re ready to get in The Pickup Change Academy! This is my Members Area where I post monthly all my videos including actual breakdown and analysis of real-life hidden camera footages. But you can find in The Academy even my Personal Podcasts, perfect to stay motivated on the go.


Let me tell you the last thing. The journey you’re about to join is gonna be tough and full of obstacles. But it’s an epic one.
It has completely changed my life and I’m grateful to every single discouragement moment I got along the way, cause it were those moments to make me strong.

So good luck mate. I’ll see you on the other side.

If you have any question or suggestion to send us, please use the form below.
I’ll try to reply as soon as we can. In case you’re a girl, I’ll reply even quicker!

See ya!

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