You totally need a good Wing




It doesn’t matter how good you are getting girls, it doesn’t matter if you’re the Napoleon of Pickup. You need a good Wing anyway.

What do I mean with “good” Wing?

Well, thanks to Internet it isn’t difficult anymore to find people who want to join you picking up girls around the city. The only problem is that the pickup community has been getting huge through the years, and it’s common to meet misfits, freaks, weirdos, “there’s something wrong with him” guys.
The community attracts these people as Johnny Depp attracts horny girls.

So the word “good” is extremely important in this case, cause if you start hanging out with the wrong guys, your skills will slow down, if not reduce.

You mainly need to go out with two kind of guys:


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1. The ones better than you

Your natural instinct will guide you to hang out with people who have worse pickup skills than yours, or people who are on your same level. That’s cause you feel more comfortable with these folks and your ego will be safe.

But as I repeat all the times, this game is about shutting down your ego and improve, whatever it takes. And learning from the masters is the wiser thing to do, even if you feel like a beginner in a class of Einsteins.
You need to choose the people who can already get girls, the people who can score, the people who can give you advices. Mentors speed up your improvement in every area, but usually we don’t want to feel vulnerable and ask for help.

Remember, honesty is one of the virtues you need to acquire and it’s crucial to recognise having a problem and being in need of help.

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2. The restless ones

Pickup requires a bunch of tough skills, and it doesn’t matter how strong is your commitment: your sole motivation is not enough. You need twice of it.

That’s why you have to find driven people who won’t stop till they reach the goal in front of their eyes. The ones who keep sending you messages to get out and chasing hotties. The ones who don’t stop asking after they got a “not this time” from you.

These people are rare, but when you find them, keep them close cause their friendship is precious for your development. Motivated people are the only ones who succeed cause achievement is never for free.

Stop believing who promises you easy results. Results in life are never cheap, and anyone who achieved something, is cause he was stubborn enough to succeed… Or he had friends in high places, but that’s another story…

I considerably started to get good when I found other people who had my same passion, as motivated as I was. I’m not the only master of my success with women, I owe it to other people as well.
One thing is for sure: had I been alone in this journey, I would have never got so far.

How can I find a wing?

Well, we’re in 2016 my friend! Go online and search for forums and facebook groups! All the big forums about seduction have areas to find wings based on countries.
Finding a good wing is like hiring someone through interviews: discard the ones who are not good enough for you, and stick with the ones who are promising.

And if you live in a small town, I highly recommend you to move to a big city if you want to get serious with this.
I myself lived the majority on my life in a town and I got serious with pickup just when I moved to London.

Again, this journey isn’t easy at all, and sacrifices are required! And despite what everyone think, pickup isn’t an individual game but a team one.
So get finding your team. They’re looking for you as well.

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