Differences between men and women in dating – Interview with Hayley Quinn



Podcast with Hayley Quinn

Time for a new podcast, you lucky bastards!
This time I spent an amazing time talking with the UK’s Leading Dating Expert Hayley Quinn.

She’s been a featured expert for The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Made in Chelsea, Sunrise on 7 and has had a Channel 4 Cutting Edge documentary based around her explorations into sexuality and relationships. She has also written for Cosmopolitan, the Independent, the Telegraph and regular provides social experiment vlogs to feMail and the Mail online.

Should I write more to convince you listen to this podcast?!

Here’s what we covered in the podcast:

  • The difference in dating between boys and girls
  • The most common problems for a girl in the seduction process
  • What turn girls on
  • How to overcome a severe approach anxiety
  • How girls invite guys to approach
  • Things that are essential in sex for girls, but guys always miss

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You can’t miss it! Enjoy the podcast (you can download it or Subscribe on iTunes) and do not forget to visit Hayley Quinn’s website and her amazing youtube channel and leave a comment below the podcast!

Enjoy the process!

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