Just some of the guys who went through the Challenge
Your new dating life is 30 days away
Want to re-watch the 3 videos?
Video 1
Stop Taking Yourself Too Seriously 
Video 2
Be Social
Video 3
Progressive Challenges
Everything you'll find inside the Challenge
More than a lesson per day, all related to approach anxiety
A mission to accomplish every 2 days
Video examples of me taking the missions on the field
Additional audio lessons
to listen on the go
Downloadable documents to get deep in the topic
Access to the Facebook group where you can ask questions to me and to the other users
But I thought it wasn't enough... So I created some bonus material to give you even more value. 
Motivational Audios
This is an insurance to reach the end of the Challenge. Every time you'll face a difficult moment, if you'll think to give up, there's this precious area inside the Challenge that is actually another course inside the course.

My motivational audios are focused on all the different hurdles you could face in the Challenge, like rejections, low innergame, postponing missions and a lot more...
Podcast Interviews
All the interviews I had with motivational and dating coaches 
Kezia Noble
The #1 Female Dating Expert
Jon Matrix
The Expert of Daygame
Adam Armstrong
The #1 Sex Instructor
The Father of Direct Game
Richard La Ruina
Britain's #1Pickup Artist
Sean Cooper
The Shyness and Social Anxiety Guy
Aaron Marino
The Master of Style and Fashion
Nick Savoy
Founder of Love Systems
And a lot of others...
6 FREE Months in The Change Academy
The best way to learn something, is to have someone who shows you how to do.

The Change Academy is my Members Area where you get every month 4 infield videos with Real-life hidden camera footages with breakdowns and analysis, and 2 personal podcasts about the monthly topic.

People pay 12$ per month to get into my Members Area but you can have 6 months for FREE, with a full access.
That's a total No Brainer
A ton of content to overcome approach anxiety and sky rocket your pickup skills, with an offer you can't refuse
  • 30 Day Challenge to Overcome Approach Anxiety
  • Motivational Audios
  • Podcast Interviews Audios
  • 6 FREE Months in The Change Academy
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Your new dating life is 30 days away
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Go through the Challenge for 60 days, listen to the Motivational Audios, listen to the Podcast Interviews, get the full access for 6 months in The Change Academy.

If you don't like what you got, or if it didn't help you at all, send me an email to info@pickupchange.com and I'll give you back all the money that you spent

You have absolutely nothing to lose!
If you still have doubts...
  • Will I have all the Video Lessons at once? 
No. The Challenge is structured to give you access to a lesson per day. In this way you won't have the temptation to watch what's gonna happen in the next missions. Anyway from the first day you'll have access to all the motivational audios and the podcast interviews.
  • What if I can't accomplish a mission in 2 days? 
No problem. Continue with that mission till you accomplish it. Even if it takes 1 week, keep going with it. The important thing is to complete a mission before passing to the next one. Do not skip any mission.
  • How many interviews and motivational audios do I get? 
I keep updating the section with motivational audios and podcast interviews, so you'll always find fresh material. For now I have 10+ interviews with experts and around 10 Motivational Audios.
  • Can I get support during the Challenge? 
Of course, you will have access to the Challenge's Private Facebook Group, where you can ask questions to me and to the other participants. The Challenge is a Community of like minded people who want to help each other.
  • I don't think I'm ready...
The only way to fix a problem in life is to take action as soon as you can. If you keep procrastinating, saying "this is not the right moment for me", you won't never get out of that trouble. Changing is tough, it isn't an easy process. Get rid of your limiting beliefs and take the chance NOW!
  • I can't do it, I'm different from the others
I've been through this "Special Snowflake" phase too. I was too skinny, too shy, to whatever. Everyone thinks to be the only one having that particular problem but that's a bullshit. You're just looking for an excuse to not take action. I've been testing this program on every type of person, and I'm sorry to ruin your egocentric idea but you're not special. Someone else 10 times worse than you already got in the Challenge and improved his life!
  • I have a few questions that aren't listed here
TI'm here to clarify all your doubts. Just send me an email to info@pickupchange.com and ask me whatever you want. I answer personally to any question.
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