The importance of having female friends



The importance of having female friends

Pickup, as I always remind, is not something that you can learn on your own. You definitely need a wing, a friend who wants to reach your same result, and push each other to keep your motivation up. Facing this journey by yourself means giving up in a few months.
No man is an island, even in Pickup.

Since everyone sees this as an indisputable fact, I rarely read about the importance of female friends in pickup.

Hanging out mostly with guys and expect to become good with girls is pure nonsense.
Do you think you will understand girls just following your guru on youtube and talking about girls with your male friends?

If you want to get better in social dynamics you have to start hanging out with the other side of sky, even as simple friends. For someone who is afraid of approaching girls, spending time with them is a total game changer.
I used to consider female friends like second choice friends, and I thought just gays could be surrounded by women.

After I created my social circle of girls, I discovered a world I wasn’t aware of. Girls are totally more interesting than guys (we’re so predictable) and they are completely different from us.
Male friends are a book already read, you just work and think in the same way.


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But girls are another story: a complete different vision of the world and a ton of infos you can use in pickup. The only way to understand women is to spend time with them.

How do I create my female circle?

This is the automatic question I get asked after I talk about this topic. 
And actually the answer is so simple that we should find it by ourself.

How many times happened to you that a girl you approached, told you she has a boyfriend?
Countless right?

And I’m pretty sure that you left the girl walk away without even ask for the number… Big mistake everyone does.

You should have asked instead for her number to mingle your groups, and maybe she could introduce you to her friends…

What are you saying?
“I was flirting with her, how can I flirt with her friends later?”

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Ok, get out of my blog right now! If you’re still afraid of what the girl could think of you, stop reading and go out to approach at least 10 girls and then you can come back.

No ok, I’m joking… More or less…

Girls can forgive

This is a basic principle you have to chisel in your brain. Girls will always forget you for acting as a man. What they don’t forget is acting like a pussy.

Let me explain it better.

If you flirt with a girl but she’s not interested, she will anyway respect you. You’re a man, you showed your balls going after what you want. That’s your role.

What they don’t like is hesitation. They have a sixth sense to spot this behaviour and they will put you in that terrible place called “friendzone”

Cultivate your female friends

Having a couple of good female friends need dedication and time but what you get in return is a lot more. My best friends right now are all girls and I love to go to dinner or party with them. I personally enjoy their presence way more than my old male friends.

And a big benefit you’ll learn from them is honesty: telling whatever you have on your mind and be completely clear with your daily problems. A true gift.
(If you want to know something more about honesty, don’t miss this podcast I had with Johnny Berba about it)

And not to mention that girls bring other girls! 🙂

Enjoy the process!

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